Why Join?

What Matters To You? Joining a society allows you the opportuntiy to indulge in activities that matter the most to you. Be it social justice, academic or fun; joining a society provides you with the perfect platform for you to develop and benefit from your interests.
Widen your social group! When you come to university, you’ll obviously spend a lot of time on your campus and with your coursemates; but is that it? There is no way more efficient for meeting fellow like-minded people than joining a society.
Get Connected with University Life! Societies are the driving force of all the great and fun activities that happen on campus. By joining a Society, not only will you have the chance to meet like-minded people but also have the platform to share your interest with the wider University community.
Career Boost! Most people come to university with the hope that their studies will lead them to a successful career. Many of your coursemates will probably share the same career goals as you. By joining a society you can instantly stand out from the crowd. Societies can provide you with a platform to develop and strengthen teamwork, leadership and other transferable skills.
Most Graduates regret not joining a society Let’s face it – you normally only get one chance at university. So seize the day and use your opportunity to do what you love. Don’t stumble where many before you have fallen and create a university experience that’ll make you smile for many years to come.
Convinced? You should be! Joining a society and engaging with your fellow students is much easier than you think! Click here to find our society lists, find the societies that are right for you, and get in contact with them!