Vice President of Cavendish - Usman Mahmood

Hello everyone! I am Usman Mahmood your elected vice president of Cavendish, for my second year running. I studied Business Information systems and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an exciting time to be at the Cavendish campus (the best campus!), I want you to have the same great experiences I had at university and represent you! I have so much planned for you for the year ahead; I am passionate about employability, helping you to get the jobs you need and preparing you for the world work – so check out Career Links for more info on all that – and I want recorded feedback for all your assessments, more course based societies, to have a better sense of community and it is time Cavendish campus had a social space, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I will also fight for greater support for sports and socities (they are amazing! – definitely get involved in them). I am always approachable so if see in my office do say hello or if you see around the campus.