Vice President of Cavendish - Ludovica Siniscalchi

What’s up guys, I’m Ludovica your Vice President of Cavendish. I am here to create a better environment for you to grow and develop as individuals over the course of the next year. I look forward to working for you on improving your course, enhancing employability of Westminster students in the long term and making your university experience the best it can be!

My priority for the next year will be to make sure all students are represented at all levels within the university. I am all about encouraging participation and helping to develop your thinking whilst getting a chance to meet new people. My main aim is to flourish a sense of community in our campus. To all new and old students, get ready to belong and succeed with your SU. I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon, it’s going to be an amazing journey! So if you are around Cavendish campus don’t forget to come say hi!