How To Start A Society

Step 1: Come up with a great, original idea that you think will be of interest to other students. Get in touch with our Society Co-ordinator Andita at to discuss your idea.
Step 2:


To demonstrate there is support from other students for your proposed society, you will need to get 10 Westminster students (and their student ID numbers) to give their support to your application.
Step 3: Find a committee. These should be people who share your passion and willing to help with the running of your society.

Step 4:

Submit the Registration Form before the termly deadlines:

Term One – 10th October

Term Two – 15th January

*These deadlines do not apply for the setting up of academic societies*

Step 5: Your society idea will be discussed by the SU. You will be informed of the decision as soon as possible. If approved, you are ready to go!

Top Tips For New Societies

1. Make sure your society is original and doesn’t already exist. Societies will not be approved otherwise. 2. Make sure you plan your events in advance. Societies are required to hold at least two events each term. 3. If you are unsure of anything please read your trusty Society Handbook!