Society in the Spotlight: Nutrition Society

UWSU Society name: Westminster Nutrition Society          
Your Name:
Kiu Sum  
Your Role:

What made you want to get involved in the society?

Student led academic society opened for all based at Cavendish Campus in Faculty of Science and Technology. Westminster Nutrition Society (WNS) aims to bridge the gap between students and staff across the university, alumni and professionals to increase awareness of “nutrition” whilst providing opportunities for students to seek experiences in the field. To get involved, drop us an email:
What is your society doing?
We are currently in the process of preparing small ‘lunch and learn’ meetings but because we had 3 big events earlier this semester, we are looking to increase students’ participation. So if you have any ideas, give us a shout!

What has been your greatest achievement as a Society?

Ooooh…a tough question indeed. However, greatest achievement would be having the opportunity to collaborate with multiple organisations and professionals to run 3 big events this year, and having the amazing support from the student cohort and academic staff.

This academic year we had our: Speed Networking Event, annual Careers and Employability Event, and more recently had a collaboration with The Dairy Council with two leading experts in the field on “Social Media in Public Health Nutrition”.
How has being part of a UWSU society improved your uni experience?

Experience with WNS has increased my graduate attributes professionally and personally. I would say that even though a few years at university may be short, it has been a very exciting worthwhile chapter. Reflecting back my undergraduate, I would say being involved with a society has been “cherry on the cake” and I will surely miss it when I say farewell this summer! Meeting varies of people on campus from students, staff, and those professionals in the field has been very inspiring, but great to know such knowledgeable and inspirational people. The society has made me more aware outside of academic study and the opportunities there are in the world of nutrition.

Why should students join your society?

Joining a society is all about how your academic study can be applicable professionally. WNS offers students the opportunity to learn the soft skills and implement that via networking and interacting with professionals in the field. Whilst learning about what “nutrition” is all about away from their lectures, the society offers opportunities for students to explore how this field can be relevant to other course disciplines.