Student Representation At Westminster

Student representation is the primary function of any Students Union. We’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of your university experience. We’ve continually strived towards this by working with the University, reflecting the views and working the best interests of Students at Westminster. To further cement the notion of students being at the forfront of every decision and step taken it’s important that the Students of Westminster are at the heart of the University of Westminster Students’ Union.
Students at Westminster are primarily represented within the union in the following ways.

How You’re Represented

Unlike most other universities we have a Site Sabatical Officer system as opposed to the traditional portfolio sabbatical system. This means there are 4 Sabbaticals, 1 from each campus representing and working for you entirely across a wide range of issues. There is also 1 overall Students’ Union Presidnt that is a representative of all students.


The 5 Sabbatical Officers are elected once a year and are here to respresent you.

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Course reps are volunteers that are elected by each course to represent your fellow students views to the University. They meet regularly with your teaching faculty a nd represent you. Course Reps are able to effect decisions taken to improve the quality of your course and also bring issues to the faculties attention. We highly urge you to take an active effort to engage with your course rep so that you get the best experience from your course.


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NUS Delegates are elected students that represent you on a national scale. They attend the main NUS Conference and vote on issues that have an affect on all students nationally. At Westminster we have 4 elected NUS Delegates who are elected every year in our UWSU Elections