International Students

All international students are warmly welcomed by the University of Westminster Students Union! On this page you will find information relevant to your time in the UK.

Opening a Bank Account

Most International students will be able to open a basic bank account. This type of account will allow you to pay in and withdraw money. You will not be able to get credit such as an overdraft with a basic account.

You will be able to get credit with a current account but different rules will apply when opening this type of account and will vary between banks.To open a basic bank account you will need documents that identity who you are and that you are an international student.

For example: Your passport A letter from the University of Westminster confirming that you are a current student studying at the University.

For more information consult The British Banking Association’s (BBA) comprehensive guide for international students on opening a bank account,
the guide can be accessed here.

Home Sickness & Culture Shock

Many international students experience home-sickness as a result of being away from home and without family and friends nearby. An international student has written about his experiences of home-sickness and shares some tips on how to beat it!

Click here to read the article on Culture shock. Culture Shock can be loosely defined as the feelings of disorientation and unease at being exposed to a different culture to the one that you are familiar with. Many things can cause us to experience culture shock from the way people speak and dress to the different ways in which food is prepared in different countries. It is important to understand that these experiences are normal.

One way to cope with culture shock is to join one of the many the Student Union sports and societies!

Societies at UWSU

Sports at UWSU

Read more about Culture Shock


Tier 4 Visa

The University provides information and advice on immigration issues such as renewing your tier 4 visa click here to view the information.

Health Care

The Department of Health has produced guidance that explains the rules on international students accessing health care in the UK.

Under regulation 8(2)(d) of the guidance, students who are in the UK to pursue a full-time course of study of more than six months’ are entitled to free NHS treatment whilst in England. You will need to register with a General Practitioner (GP) doctor to access the health care – registration is free of charge!

Click here for more information

International Student Check Out Guide

International Students will say goodbye to the SU, University, London and the Country after 3 years of study. It may be more or less but your time with us is coming to an end so prepare yourself to leave in the same way you prepared yourself to arrive and avoid the last minute changes. To make things easier UWSU have prepared a checklist to help you on your way.

There are so many things you have to start to organise and sort out before you leave. It might come as a culture shock to return to your home, family and friends, so here a checklist of things you might like to do to prepare. This checklist is to avoid the mad rush at the end.                                            


  • Make sure that your studies are going in the direction for graduation. The results are confirmed. If not sort out any deferral referral that you might have this may impact on your visa and any extension that might be needed. If you need to seek advice early.
  • Check the graduation dates for your course faculty you will be surprised at the amount of students that get the dates wrong. If family are attending from aboard they will need enough time to sort out travel arrangements. Don’t miss graduation it a unique experience.
  • When it comes to luggage and packing think about shipping your stuff home if you have too much.
  • Check that you are not owed any money from deposits and Tax refunds.
  • Sort out any bills that need to be paid things like the gas and electric.
  • Close the council tax account.
  • Pay any tuition fees.
  • Let people know that you are leaving and provide a forwarding address.

The University provides information on working in the UK after successfully completing your course Tier 2 if completing a PHD Tier 1 graduate Entrepreneur scheme. 

Useful Addresses and websites

  • Student Advice at 101 New Cavendish Street
  • The University website by clicking here.
  • The United Kingdom council for international advice (UKCISA) website: