Incident Reporting

UWSU is proud of the diversity of the student community at Westminster and strives to promote respect and inclusivity in all its activities and spaces.

This form is for reporting any incident, occurrence, activity or event that is part of your university experience that has a negative impact on you. This form can be used to report:

·         Complaints about the behaviour of members of staff and officers

·         Harassment and bullying on campus or at University/UWSU activities off campus

·         Incidents on campus or at University/UWSU activities off campus

·         Complaints about UWSU led events or activities (either before or after they have occurred)

·         Complaints about the impact of other student’s behaviours

The form goes to our Research, Representation and Welfare (RRW) team who are members of the SU staff team that can help deal with your issue or take action to support you with your experience.

You can choose to make the report anonymous. This will allow us to collect statistics and analyse patterns of behaviour but it may not mean that the incident can be dealt with effectively. If you chose to submit your contact details then this will only be used by the RRW team and they will contact you further to talk about the incident, your wellbeing and any options available to you.

Your report will remain confidential within that team, and only that team, unless you give any specific authorisation otherwise. This will normally be to progress a resolution to the issue you have reported. We do ask for a little bit of detail that will help us to understand your complaint. This may be difficult for you to provide, if it is then we are happy to meet with you to discuss it verbally.

It is important to note that UWSU represents all students in our diverse community, irrespective of views, ideas, beliefs, backgrounds and characteristics, which may mean representing different groups of students with opposing views and views that may never be reconciled. Regardless of this, we strongly believe that no student should feel intimidated or suffer harassment and/or discrimination whilst involved in UWSU activities or in our spaces. UWSU will take action against any people or groups found to be engaging in intolerant or discriminatory behaviour and may pass details to the University for action under the student codes of conduct.

Each campus has a Research, Representation & Welfare (RRW) Coordinator who can offer support for students suffering such behaviour, help with reporting such behaviour, and who can act as a resource for students wishing to discuss issues or promote or challenge certain kinds of behaviour on campus and across sites. If you don’t know who your campus’ advice team member is, click the logo below to meet our Welfare team.


For complaints about your course, mitigating circumstances etc; Click Here for more information, or to email a member of the RRW team.

To complain about the Students’ Union and aspects of it’s work; Click Here to download a formal complaint form