The UWSU Complaints Process has been set up by our advice team allowing you to formally complain about anything concerning your University experience that we can help with. From issues with your course, to complaints concerning actions of the Students’ Union - just click the button below to send a formal complaint directly to the SU!

Through our new Complaints system, you can complain about anything from issues that you’re having in your academic University life, to the actions of the Students’ Union.

Basically anything that can reasonably seen to by our advice team, you can complain about! 

We’re here to make sure that as members of UWSU, your experience with us is as enjoyable and smooth as possible – so if there’s anything bothering you, letting us know is just a click away! 

UWSU’s Advice Service are here to ensure that all of your complaints are dealt with the utmost concern and consideration, making sure that your complaint receives the attention it deserves!

Complaints MAY be submitted anonymously, and therefore will be subject to much less follow-up and guidance than if contact details were provided in the initial complaint.

If you contact an RRW coordinator they can help you to find out if your complaint can be resolved formally or informally – the RRW team understands under some circumstances that the informal route is not always possible.

Once you submit the complaint, it will be under the consideration of the UWSU Advice Team

It is advised that students contact UWSU Advice Service at their first available opportunity to make sure their complaint is submitted within the permitted time set out by the University and with the correct document and information.

If you haven’t received any confirmation regarding your complaint, please contact our CEO, Andy as soon as possible at: