UWSU Elections

Are you a student leader?

Elections 2017 for President, and Vice Presidents are underway! Open to ALL students (yes, all students!) at the University of Westminster Students’ Union (UWSU):

Do you want to lead the students’ union in a full time role?

Do you want to create positive, lasting change for your fellow students?

Do you want to gain real work experience unmatched by many student and graduate jobs?

Do you want to get paid whilst doing it?

Then becoming the President or a Vice President of your campus, representing the Students’ Union might be the perfect job for you!

What are this year’s Sabbs up to?

What is it like as a Student Leader?

How can I nominate?

Nominations open 12 December 2016, and close 31 January 2017

    1. Download the nomination form

    1. Fill in the form in full

    1. Create a Manifesto, including all information as instructed in the nomination form

    1. Send nomination form, manifesto, and 2 photos of yourself to dro@su.westminster.ac.uk

More about nominations

Nominations open 12 December 2016, and close 31 January 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Which one should I nominate myself for?

All positions are paid the same amount, but you should apply for the one that matches you.

The President role is open to all students from all campuses, whereas the four Vice President roles are for students that have studied in each respective campus (Cavendish, Harrow, Marylebone and Regent & LTS)

What does it take to be President?

As President you will be the leader of Westminster SU representing over 23,000 students. You have a series of plans you believe will positively impact the student experience at Westminster.  You’re ready to represent the voice of Westminster students to the university and collaborate and support positive changes at Westminster.

You are a visionary, enthusiastic team player that can motivate and lead your team of Vice Presidents, and support them in their campaigns and projects as well as your own.

The opportunity to be President is open to all Students no matter your current year of study or what campus you’re from.

What does it mean to be Vice President of Cavendish, Harrow, Marylebone or Regent & LTS?

A Vice President loves their campus and knows the unique challenges that students on their campus face and has ideas to positively impact students not only on their campus but all students.

You want to improve the student experience with your innovative ideas, talent, and enthusiasm to see changes through, working closely with your fellow Vice Presidents and President for causes that you are passionate about.

The opportunity to be Vice President of each is open to students that study in those campuses, no matter your current year of study.

What experience can I gain from these roles?

Skills you gain from becoming a President or Vice President at UWSU are numerous, from Leadership, Public Speaking and Advocacy to Project Management, Negotiation and Diplomacy. You will receive training that will enable to you implement your ideas and projects effectively, inspiring students throughout, as well as be part of a mentoring system with UWSU staff to help you throughout your time as a President or Vice President.

Okay, I’m interested! What Do I need to do to nominate myself?

Nominations Open on the 12th December 2016, and you can nominate yourself for one of the roles. Download the nomination form and the behavior and tolerance pledge, and make sure you read through the documents carefully and include all the necessary information before submitting.

If you have any questions, drop an email to dro@su.westminster.ac.uk

Have a question? Email dro@su.westminster.ac.uk

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