Course Rep Inductions

Congratulations for being selected as a Course Rep! You now need to attend  Inductions, which will equip you with everything you need to become an effective Rep for the year ahead.

Make sure you attend one of these sessions on your campus (you only need to attend once). This is part of the requirements to qualify for a Course Rep Certificate, and to qualify for your role as Course Rep to appear on your ’HEAR’!

Whats are course reps?

Course Reps are individuals who are elected to represent students in their course. Course Reps play an important role in feeding back to students but also feed into the work done in the University and Students’ Union.

The elected Reps will take part in Course Committee meetings (where all important decisions and updates about your course are given) and will be constant contact with Sabbatical Officers and the SU to improve the academic standard of the university.

What exactly is the job?

      1. Clearly communicating your peers’ opinions and interests at University committee meetings* and feeding back information to the Research, Representation and Welfare (RRW) team.

      1. Keeping informed and abreast of student issues on your course by being proactive in collecting feedback, information and opinions from students.

      1. Liaising regularly with your Module or Course Leader, or other relevant staff member, to discuss any issues arising from the students on your course.

      1. Working closely with the RRW Team to address issues that impact on the quality of the educational experience of students.

      1. Being proactive in suggesting improvements to the student experience on your course.

      1. Maintaining a good knowledge of campaigns, services and events run by UWSU, and taking a proactive role in regularly communicating these to students on your course.

      1. Facilitating the establishment of course-based societies.

      1. Participating in research on student satisfaction with their course, University and Union.

      1. Encouraging all students to participate in the Election process.

      1. Attending all training sessions that are organised for Course Representatives.

* If Course Representatives are not able to attend a meeting they must send apologies at least 24 hours before the meeting.

 If you have further questions please email or talk to your Course Leader.

How can I be one?

Let your Course Leader know as soon as possible. If you have further questions please email 
Download The Induction Dates For Each Campus