Course Rep Forums

We hope that by now you have settled into your role as course rep and are enjoying the challenges of representing students on your course. As mentioned in early October the Students’ Union organises two course rep forums (one per semester). Attendance at this meeting will count towards achieving a certificate and HEAR.

Course Rep Forums are meetings organised by your Students’ Union, there will be at least one every semester. The meeting will be facilitated by your campus Research

Representation and Welfare Coordinator and and/or Sabbatical officer however, the forums are for you to take the lead on the discussions. 

What are the forums for?

  • Brief the Students’ Union (SU) on what your course committee meetings or other staff–student meetings have been like. 
  • Inform the SU about the kind of issues that have been raised and whether they’re being solved. 
  • A chance to meet other Course Reps in your faculty and share information on best practice and exchange ideas.   
  • We can inform you about how we responded to issues that you raised previously.