Advice Week: 27 - 31 March

Exam season is getting scarily close. Feeling overwhelmed? Or simply want a relaxing environment to calm the nerves? Why not take a look at some of the activities happening across the campuses as part of Advice week, from Pilates to essay writing classes we’ve got you covered. This is what is on offer:

  • Punctuatuion & Problematic Sentences

  • Introduction to Meditation

  • Pilates

  • Managing Your Time & Studies

  • Managing Stress & Anxiety

  • Yoga

  • Caravan Theatre: Time of your life

  • Essay Writing

  • Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Mind the Gaps

Sign Up For Your Session

Monday 27th

Punctuation & Problematic Sentences SIGN UP HERE
Harrow A7.04
@12pm – 2pm

Introduction to Meditation SIGN UP HERE
Regent St 156
@1pm – 1.30p.m.

Regent St Gym
@6.45 – 7.30 pm

Tuesday 28th

Managing Your Time & Studies SIGN UP HERE
Cavendish CLG.07

Managing Stress & Anxiety SIGN UP HERE
Harrow A7.01
@12pm – 1.30pm

Regent St Gym

        1. @ 6.30-7.30 pm

Wednesday 29th

Caravan Theatre: Time of your Life
Harrow Forum
@12 – 4pm
(10 minute plays discussing mental health issues)

Time of Plays: 12, 12.30, 1, 1.30, 2.15, 2.45, 3.15, 3.45 pm

Introduction to Meditation SIGN UP HERE
Cavendish CLG. 11
@1 -1.30

Thursday 30th`

Essay Writing SIGN UP HERE
Marylebone M212
@ 12 – 2pm

Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism SIGN UP HERE
Harrow Library training room
(1st Floor)
@12 – 1pm

Friday 31st

Regent St Gym
@1.15 – 2pm

Regent St Gym
@5 – 6pm

Managing Stress and Anxiety SIGN UP HERE
Cavendish C1.01
@12.30 – 2 pm

Mind the Gaps:  whole-person strategies for success in exams and assessments. SIGN UP HERE
Marylebone M210
@12 -1 pm


Caravan Theatre

Exam Stress